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Selma, Alabama.

It almost says it all.

Most of us, members of the class 70-03 (the third class scheduled to graduate in the fiscal year 1970), arrived at Craig AFB around October 8, 1968. Some had come months earlier, had trouble with health or flying straight and level, and were reassigned to our class. Some of us left early to join 70-04 or 70-05 or whatever missile- or navigator-training class was in progress. But the majority of us left October 15, 1969, full-fledged pilots in the Air Force.

Full-fledged and completely inexperienced.

We were told we had been given enough training to keep us from killing ourselves and others while we learned to fly our next assigned aircraft.

Most of us were successful.

I started cartooning at Craig. Click on the image to the left. My style has improved a bit over the years. My flying ability? Well, not quite as much.


53 Weeks... Air Force Pilot Training in the Late 60s...