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Pending lawsuit

I've always liked Steve Martin. I've liked his comedy routines, his movies, his short stories, and his books. His books, that is, till now.

Steve, just by chance, has come out with a new book. An ALPHABET book. An ALPHABET BOOK with the same letters in it as MY book — in fact, he even added a letter because MINE had 26! He wrote his book in rhyming couplets, just like I did. And he has pictures in it!

Does all this seem just a bit too coincidental? Just a bit too oh-I-think I'll-write-a-book-just-like-Joe's? I think so.

Too, Steve has a history of plagiarism. After all, his movie "Roxanne" was a shameless knockoff of "Cyrano de Bergerac." He came out with "The Jerk" after Doystoevsky had already written "The Idiot."

His "Pink Panther"? A remake. "Little Shop of Horrors"? Remake. "Out of Towners," "Cheaper By the Dozen," Father of the Bride," "Sgt. Bilko"? All remakes.

Notice a pattern? Steve Martin plagiarizes. And now he's plagiarized MY book.

I posted this notice on the Web SEVERAL hours ago. Has Steve Martin or his lawyers responded? NO! (Not even in upper and lower case letters!) Their silence is damning.

See you in court, Mr. Martin.