Can you put a price on a timeless Christmas classic? Yes! $2.99! Ten Slightly Twisted Christmas Tales will cost you less than 30¢ a tale! (Even less if you read some of the stories more than once, and, believe me, you will!)
Ten Slightly Twisted Christmas Tales is the perfect iBook to get for that special someone on your list. So buy it today. Supplies are limited. (Actually they aren't limited, because virtual elves are on hand to crank out copies night and day as needed, but saying "supplies are limitless" connotes no sense of urgency and urgency is what Christmas shopping is all about.)
To get to the iTunes preview page, click on the book image above (see yellow arrow). On that page, below the book image there is a button "View in iTunes." Click on that button and it takes you to the store where... you can download a sample chapter. Read it. Then go back and buy the book.
Arnold, Boris...
Hansel and Gretel
Warm and Fuzzy
Pigs' Christmas
Ed's First
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