Other Stuff...

This is where I put... all the other stuff, the stuff I didn't plan for when I sat down and meticulously mapped out every detail of my Web site. And the stuff that didn't quite fit into the categories that I painstakingly developed after months of research.


(And if you got here from the résumé page, it's not part of the résumé — it's just that I had some extra space to fill in around the ear.)

bluedot Mr. Portland, the beginning....

bluedot Recently discovered Cezanne still life

bluedot Charlotte's web

bluedot I do the New York Times Sunday crossword puzzle in ink.

bluedot Tonya Harding hot sauce

bluedot Vincent Van Gogh's iPod

bluedot Max's Moving Adventure

bluedot Rose Festival

bluedot Space Madness

bluedot 53 Weaks a Year
bluedot Uncle Sac's Cabin

bluedot Wine labels

bluedot My dog, Duck, sneezing on command
bluedot Predator Drone
bluedot Spring!
bluedot Duck's Mother's Day Letter
bluedot It's in the Microwave! — A Two Minute Mystery

bluedot Donald Trump Is Coming to Oregon!
bluedot Fake News
bluedot Descartes and Trump




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