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The Elephant Walk | N is for Nostril | 12 Pugnacious Penguins | Ten Slightly Twisted Christmas Tales


N is for Nostril

An alphabet book for kids and grown-ups.


The Elephant Walk

Norah looks for an elephant in her southeast Portland neighborhood.

N is for Nostril... the cover
12 Penguins Cover

12 Pugnacious Penguins

Accounting book? NO! A counting book!

10 Slightly Twisted Tales

10 Slightly Twisted Christmas Tales

A counting book? Another one? No! It's a Christmassy collection of not-so-Christmassy stories.

The Elephant Walk,
N is for Nostril and
12 Pugnacious Penguins are now available online and at:
Chaparral Books
Portland Center Plaza, Suite L
1975 SW First Ave
Portland, OR 97201