Tonya and I have been friends for years. When Nancy Kerrigan whined, "Why me?" I was the first to respond, "Because you were asking for it!" When Tonya was kidnapped and her truck crashed in the forest, I was the first one down at Pioneer Courthouse Square for the candlelight vigil. When God told Tonya to go into that tavern and save that woman's life, I was so moved that I went into several taverns.

Tonya and I are kindred spirits. We are both Olympic quality athletes — she at publicity and I at cartooning (or I would be, if I could just keep my shoelaces tied). The threatened lawsuit thing in the news a couple of years ago... it was... just a cry for help.

Or money.


Jon Farmer came up with the idea to make a Tonya hot sauce. I wrote most of the copy (97.5% of it) and did the illustration.

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