The wine labels below are here for you to... to enjoy and to download. If you want to.

Think of them as shareware. Which means you CAN download them for free and feel like a complete piker every time you show your "clever bottle of wine" to your friends. Or, you can send a check of ten dollars or so to Joe Spooner, 7030 SE Clinton Street, Portland, OR 97206. And then, you can feel like you actually participated in the process.

Clicking on one of the small images below will take you to a pdf file, complete with a back label and crop marks.

I soak the labels off of an excellent bottle of wine (at least that is what I tell people to whom I give it) (Three-dollar Charles will work just as well), clean up the glue residue (some glues are more difficult than others and may require scraping with a knife, some kind of solvent and a sledge hammer — blow torches tend to upset the wine). I spray my labels with a fixative and glue them onto the bottle.

Good luck.

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